Make a Complaint

What to do if you have concerns

We advise you to take precautions before you buy but if you have concerns about your investment after purchasing you should make some basic checks:

  1. Contact the company
  • Contact the company to seek reassurances that your money is safe.
  1. Check that the price you have paid is right
  • Check all the receipts and invoices you have received from the company and search price comparison websites for the products you have bought (
  1. Research the company and its Directors

(google, blogs, industry directories..)

  • Check their contact details – is their address a serviced office or a holding address? Are their contact details and the details of their staff clearly and openly displayed on their website?
  • Is the company easily contactable?
  • What do other customers say about the company?
  1. Check the company’s official records and accounts
  • Check that their Directors have not been disqualified (Companies House)
  • Check that the company has records at Companies House
  • Check that their registration and VAT numbers are genuine
  • Check the accounts of the company filed with Companies House
  • Check that the company is listed in the relevant directories (Harpers Wine and Spirit, etc.)
  1. Report it to Law Enforcement agencies

If you still have concerns and have reason to believe you may have been defrauded use the following links: